Sunday, September 19, 2010

Office life @ WIPRO

Office life in IT industry is really hectic as days goes on. But when office environment is well set and when the colleagues are interacting properly, It really becomes easy to work. Everyone comes across the word BOSS in there career during each project. My career in wipro started with one of the best "Managers" in wipro. He is typically a good guy with good managerial skills and a "work with fun" which makes us feel relaxed even when the work become hectic. Coming to personal rapport with this guy. On one fine day in Wipro, I heard the news that my grandfather died. I was in a chaos state as this is the first time one of my close relations died. He came to office, when I heard this news. He took his car and dropped me to "Silk Board" which is 15 kilometers from my office. He even asked me that if you need the tickets, I will book it. Such a good and caring heart, he helps out his colleagues to find a way out immediately when they are stuck halfway. Learning has become easy since we have fun apart from work. Even though he is very busy, he ensures that everybody works properly and no delays during "Project Release". Had a good time with him during our team outing and team lunch at "Amoeba Three Quarter Chinese" Restaurant. Had a good time in "Bowling" and took the lead when he taught me to how to play!! He has become my inspiration as well as my role model. I whole downheartedly thank wipro for putting my initial project under this guy. I hope until I leave wipro I should work under him and become technically strong in the domain in which I am working. Thank you Wipro

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hostel Life @ SASTRA

Hi.. I like to share my experiences regarding my 4 yr hostel life.. First few days had a horrible experience. I violated the hostel norms regarding sleeping timing and studies. Slowly started getting accustomed to hostel life and friends. During 2nd yr, had fun to the core wit my roommates. Aananda Roopan from Mechatronics was leading our roommates when we came with difficulties. We had a nice time by making fun of each other, Ravishankar joined us during those good moments when we made fun of Andy and Anand. We used to join together and play computer games. We used to have fun even during the night before mid semester exams and semester exams. During my 3rd and final year, I really had some good experience wit Jackson, my roommate @ Ananda Vihar. Went to Isha Yoga and started moving with friends easily. Enjoyed each and every moment by watching matches in WADIO via WIFI. Had a nice experience by leading a good relationship wit my college seniors and juniors. Had a nice time wit Andy, Rama and Co when we started studying together during mid semester and semester exams. Watched good movies in all languages. Had a nice time during our Intra college cultural Fest "Carpedium 2008". Pro nite during KS '07' was mind blowing. Only mess food was horrible. But used to go outside or eat @ canteen when the food tastes too bad. Regarding permission to leave the hostel, only during 1st yr management bugged us a lot!! Enjoyed remaining 3 yrs enjoyed to the core.Can't forgot these moments :) I miss all my friends a lot!!!! Cheers to all :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

4 years of coll life

I would like to share my experiences during my 4 year coll life. During my 1st year, my life went horribly and i used to be tensed always.. wasn't matured enough though!! Slowly started speaking to friends and gaining knowledge through books once i entered the dept during my 2nd yr. I hesitated to live until the end of 5th semester, got irritated and bugged a lot. During my 6th semester, I learned what true love is all about. Got matured to some extent. Started leading a better life and faced each situation with good confidence within myself. Started respecting people and friends around me from my heart which can't be expressed in words.This became the turning point in my life, which happened through a 7 day Inner Engineering Program at my coll conducted by Isha Yoga. I really thank our college management for conducting these courses at our coll. This course actually gave me good confidence to face the interviews confidently. I was able to manage all situations efficiently. I got many good friends, which i can't forget. Names of some of my friends include Anand Viswanathan, Vaidyanathan, Sabapathy. ll '' surely miss all!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

7 day Inner Enginnnering Program @ SASTRA University

hi i like to share my experiences on a 7 day program conducted by ISHA YOGA @ SASTRA UNIVERSITY. On the very first day, i was very eager to know what yoga is all about. By doing yoga consistently, i found many changes in my day to day activities. we had a powerful meditation during the course of the program. Even we had powerful meditation @ ISHA YOGA, COIMBATORE. They also taught asanas and some breathing exercises. By doing it properly,
the changes which occurred in me are as follows:
1)Irrespective of time, i sleep at the moment when i start closing my eyes and also wake up around 6 or 6:30.
2)I became very active. My concentration power increased.
3) Moreover, sympathy between people surrounding me increased.
4) My fear to move wit friends went off. I became very flexible.
5)As one of my friend used to say, taking notes is the only purpose for which i attend classes. But at last, i don't accept.
6) Whenever we are happy,decisions taken by us are proper and fear is the root cause for all failures.
7)When we blame others despite blaming us when we should, makes the life miserable and i realized really blaming others as my fault.

My main aim for attending yoga classes is to lead a peaceful life irrespective of the people surrounding us and slowly achieving it.

isha yoga trip @ sastra

We all had a very nice trip @ coimbatore isha yoga centre. The veliangiri foot hills was looking superb. Had a nice moment @ dhyanalingam temple, where we meditated for around an hour.. We were supposed to take bath in theerthanam, where the water was very cold. Apart from me and another guy in our group, all had a bath in tat place. We immersed our legs there. Meanwhile, earlier in d morn, we had a walk near isha yoga skl nd surrounding places for an hour.The breakfast was Sattu Maavu Kanji, one very big tumbler which was enough for me. A very few had one more tumbler. Afternoon, we had only sambar rice nd chips as normal food, apart from tat we had natural fruits nd vegetables mixed wit coconut. During evening, we were allowed to buy the things kept for purchase, then we played for an hour in the ground.. At last, we had dinner which was again all natural foods, so got hungry early. Since we were not allowed to rest in between, we became very tired.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My First Interview Experience @wipro.

hi this is Siva Sailam from SASTRA University.. i got placed @ wipro @ 31st may,2008. I like to share my experiences...

First we had a aptitude test which contains three sections.
1) Verbal
2)Quantitative Aptitude

I prepared well for the aptitude. A more amount of luck is needed to clear the aptitude test.
In our college, out of 1300 students who wrote the aptitude, 772 cleared it. Then we were called for technical interview followed by HR interview.

Technical Interview:

started asking questions from my Areas of Interest"Data Structures" Technical skills such as basics of SQL and difference b/w Microprocessor8085 and 8086. My 2nd area of interest was
OOPS. They asked the concepts of OOPS. explained.. Asked the difference between Data abstraction and encapsulation
Then he gave the form to attend HR Interview.

In technical, out of 772 who appeared, around 445 got through HR interview.

HR interview:
He asked me why did u join Sastra?? and asked about my strenghts.. He told me to improve my speech clarity and speak slowly as i usually speak fast.

Out of 445, only 295 got through wipro and i was lucky to be a part of it.

The results were announced @ 8.15p:m on d same day wen i attended these interviews. And was proud to be a part of wipro.